Your child & us settling in

Settling in

Saying goodbye to your child on the first day can be difficult for both the child and the parents. It can also be very hard to leave your child with people you've just met. However, it is important to realise that separation anxiety is a normal part of development and strategies can be adopted to make the process easier for your family.

At the Centre, we make every effort to make this separation as smooth as possible. You are welcome to visit or ring to check how your child is settling in.

Parents/guardians are also encouraged to spend short periods of time in the rooms with their children prior to commencing care and once enrolment has been finalised. This helps familiarise both children and families with the new environment, room routines and the staff. Although there are no set times or time limits for such visits, families wishing to do so are asked to let our Reception and room staff know in advance.

For children requiring full day care, parents/guardians can choose to leave them for short periods of time to begin with, gradually working up to a full day at child care.

You may find it useful to have conversations at home with your child/children, highlighting the positive aspects of child care including making new friends and being involved in new activities. If you have any questions about settling in to child care, feel free to ask the staff in the room.